45° Vertical Bend 220x90mm (pack of 2)


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FADL 220-1007 – 45° Vertical Bend 220x90mm (pack of 2)

FANAIRE Low Profile Flat Duct System & Accessories

Our “Low-Profile Flat Duct System” series has been designed for for limited ceiling space environments in residential, industrial and commercial applications. As well as being the perfect solution for exhaust hoods, cowls, and other exhaust needs.

Manufactured from rigid PVC our Low-Profile Flat Duct has been manufactured to be strong and easy to install saving time on your job site. The systems are complemented with a wide variety of fittings and duct sizes designed to enable assembly of bespoke, yet standardised, ductwork solutions and architectures. Our Flat duct come in 3 sizes, and 15 extremely easy mounting fittings.


  •  Quick and easy to install
  •  Largest range selection (3 Sizes)
  •  Improved duct clips with hanger make mounting easy
  •  Comply with Australian & New Zealand standard
  •  100% Recyclable with Best Practice PVC materials
  •  Cost effective compare to similar Air flows metal ductworks


  • AS1530.3-1999
  • AS4254.2-2012
  • UL-181.11-2013
  • VOC Emission Certified
  • BEP (Best Environmental Practice)


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