Solar Roof

Solar Roof Ventilation

The Whirlyvent Solar Roof Fan product is a solution that enables Australian homes to improve their moisture control and temperature control performance with Solar Ventilation and Roof Ventilation.

How Solar Roof Fans work
Australians spend BIG dollars each year to cool their homes however the Whirlyvent Solar Roof Fan pays for itself. The Whirlyvent Solar Roof Ventilation Unit, uses solar energy to extract the hot air out of the roof space, reducing the heat and moisture build up in the roof cavity. During the hottest times of the day or (night options), the solar ventilation unit is activated using a thermostat to ensure that your home stays cool and comfortable all year round.

Why Use Solar Ventilation

• Keeps your home cool and ventilated
• Helps reduce damp and mould
• BIG Savings on your energy bill
• Reduces damaging condensation
• Attractive slim line units
• Most houses only require one unit
• One unit is Equivalent to 17 roof vents on a 15km wind day