Sub Floor


If your house has a damp smell or has mould problems then you may have
excessive moisture under the floor. If left untreated, this sub floor moisture may result in mould, condensation, mildew and pest infestation like cockroaches or termites.

The under floor problem may remain unnoticed until it has caused serious health problems and has cost you a lot of expensive house repairs etc.

Correctly installed subfloor systems can help slow your unwanted under-floor problems to effectively reduce moisture

The Solution

There is an affordable solution to this problem – a well-implemented sub floor ventilation system, specially designed will remove the stale moisture-laden air from underneath the house.

Ventilation Supplies can organize for a professionally designed sub floor ventilation system, customized to match your home and budget with a solution that works.

Naturally,the systems are energy-efficient and cost-effective with low maintenance requirements, as well as complying to the Australian Standards.

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